Night Walk

Enter the forest on a night walk
Ssh listen I say. Silent serenity
Broken but by nature's melody
The gravel crunches beneath my footsteps,
The lullaby of water trickles nearby
Streams of torchlight cast silohettes over the rustling trees
All bringing comfort in the mystical night
Lay on the pathway, the black panther awakens
The senses magnify
Under a canopy ablaze with dazzling jewels
The symphony of the wind orchestrating the conifers
The touch of the gravel, cold beneath my touch
I snuggle into the earth, the night wraps itself like a warm blanket
Aware with each breath, drawing the holistic air
A dense fog lifts, the self comes alive
The union of mind body and soul begins
Theraputic is the Creator's healing
Come together two souls

By Sadia Ismail