One Year

01 May 2017, 13:00

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND:  Boots and Beards can proudly announce the accomplishment of its vision to proclaim the organisation as a worthwhile and challenging outdoor activity. Their main attraction is to encourage people from all ages and backgrounds to partake in arranged activities and to ultimately give something of great benefit back to their local community.

Its drive and passion is to promote their status as a great alternative to the normal day to day living by embracing the healthy living attitude; and to respect the beautiful scenery so others can feel a sense of enjoyment and tranquility from the lovely natural surroundings. The popularity of the group continues at a tremendous fast pace for a voluntary organisation. Records to date one year on have successfully shown that their dedication to launch different tasks and hiking events and organised educational events and orienteering tasks has in essence returned rewarding feedback and recognition from the local community. This positive response is prevalent in the statistics illustrated:

Boots and Beards has achieved:

  • A total number of 395 participants
  • 8622 metres combined distance during the course of a one year period.
  • 23 walks secured through careful planning and management skills with strict attention to risk assessment.
  • Final route length of 104 miles
  • Total time of 78.5 hours.

These figures are attributed to the wide range of activities, social events and educational field-days that accompany the different demographics of people of different abilities and skills and of varying ages.

Boots and Beards is proud to announce that their aim to invite people and to motivate them gives them a sense of achievement. In addition to this, the ability to infuse new knowledge and skills to prepare others to broaden their practical awareness of their outdoor surroundings accordingly is of immense value to their core guidelines. Most importantly, they train others to respect the wonderful and lovely Scottish Landscape which surrounds them.

Finally, they are privileged to highlight that the importance of their organisation which continues to go from strength to strength can only be supported and achieved by the various organisations that assist and guide their plan management goals.

Boots and Beards are specially thankful for the ongoing assistance from Forestry Commission Scotland and Loch Lomond & Trossachs for their wealth of experience who engage with them to accomplish educational and training tasks; Cemvo Scotland and Voluntary Action Aid for their funding for previous local projects; and finally the John Muir Trust and Keep Scotland Beautiful who encourage and promote their dedicated achievements to enable the group to become an embodiment of a worthy cause, by affirming themselves as an important local organisation that strives to unite, hike and explore.