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In partnership with SoulRiders Scotland, we are proud to bring the following activities to you.

1) bike mechanical workshop which will educate and teach kids on how to look after and maintain their bike with hands on experience.

2) mini bike race where kids will have the opportunity to win a bike (t + cs apply which will be any bike in stock up to the value of £100)

3) food and munchies  

4) other prizes 


Friday 13th April 3.30pm - 6pm (jumma will finish at 3pm and one of us from Boots & Beards will be at Soul Riders to welcome and register the kids so we can start prompt at 3.30pm


Target audience is 11-16 year old kids. Open to both boys and girls. Can take up to 30 participants


£5. We are deliberately adding a ticket cost to ensure we have participants who register do actually turn up. Risk of running a free event may result in a large number of no shows

Where soul riders, 171 Maxwell Road, Glasgow, G41 1TG

Contact name/number Rashid Khaliq 0141 418 0001


SoulRiders Easter Programme
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