Frequently asked questions

Is this a guys only group?
— A: Our core group, Boots and Beards, is aimed primarily at males, couples and families. As of February 2017, we have introduced our newest womens only project: Bonnie Boots. Please visit for more information.
Why did you create this group?
— A: Between ourselves, we noticed that we weren't getting enough of the outdoors. The digital world has truly taken over our time and it's only getting worse for our next generation. Another issue which often gets shunned within our community is the topic of mental health, especially amongst the male crowd. A recent study by the government, Nature England, showed that taking part in nature-based activities helps people who are suffering from mental ill-health and can contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression.
Are beards necessary?
— A: Our tagline should be 'beards not essential'. Boots would be of use on the walks as they will comfort you in the journey (and keep you dry). More on this below.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the group...
— A: You won't be alone! Our group has a nice mixture of walkers with different levels of fitness, from kids to adults. It's not a race nor do we ever encourage it. Don't let this be a barrier, there will always be someone to provide good company.
If there’s one gear you’d recommend getting, what would it be?
— A: Good quality pair of boots, preferably waterproof. These will help in walking and make the journey comfortable (its no fun having your boots full of water!). Easily bought from the likes of Amazon for less than £40.
Q: What should I eat prior to the walk?
— A: Porridge and bananas. Remember, the more you eat the more likely you'll need the toilet during the walk - most sites don't have toilet facilities so keep this in mind (nature will call out to you should you really need it). Sadly no pakoras or parathas as greasy food will never go down well with your body - plus its early morning!
Can I make my own way to the location?
— A: Yes. We do however recommend that you car share or use the minibus service provided (£5 per person). By enjoying the outdoors and nature, we do our utmost best to take care of the environment around us. By using the minibus service or car sharing will help reduce emissions.
Are you looking for volunteers?
— YES. Boots & Beards is currently run by three individuals who currently have full time jobs and give up their time to organise, plan and execute these walks. If you think you are able to help out in ANY way possible, please do get in-touch. Some areas we’re looking for help in is: marketing, design, video, scouting for new locations, first aid and walk leaders. if you feel you can offer your time to better the community group, don’t be shy in reaching out.
Who designed your website?
Q: Can I speak to a human?
— A: Yes, we'd love to. Call Kash on 07903 895787 (whatsapp or SMS would be fine too).